Sword Eyebrows

Sword Eyebrows

Eyebrows are said to be sword eyebrows if they are long, slightly thick, and broad and have the curvature of a sword.

Individuals with sword eyebrows are simply said to be righteous and command a lot of respect from other people. They are also morally upright with the virtues of valiance and courage.

In the end, they achieve success; however, they achieve it through perseverance and willpower.

Just like a real sword, their eyebrows are sharp on both ends; in some instances, they fight for beliefs that usually end up affecting their lives negatively. Because of their high level of loyalty, these people often times end up sacrificing themselves to meet their needs, as well as the needs of their families and friends.

Regardless of this, they are perfect employees and partners; this makes them very reliable whenever there is trouble.

It is clear, if you have this type of eyebrow you seek independence in life. It is essential if the eyebrow is slightly bushy that you choose the right lifestyle. In many ways, you may feel that you want to be private among other people.

Sometimes however, these problems can be too much for the sword eyebrow bearer to take on. Logically, this person remains quite detached from others. This can equal difficulties in a relationship. This person strives for independence and once they get that independence could move on.

There is also an emphasis on learning different techniques in life.

No matter what their desires are they are best focused on being patient. A period of watchful waiting will bring the bearer of these eyebrows much joy.

Keeping goals in mind is often a struggle. There are great savers of money. Every dollar they say they step nearer to being fulfilled.

In essence, it is believed that the more they say the faster they will build their fortune. The bearer of such eyebrows work advantageously, however they need to have more than just money in order to define their self-worth. It is not uncommon to find the bearer of such eyebrows to house real estate or a business of their own.

As their investments grow in life there be greatly surprised to find more and more people asking their advice. Furthermore, they will find life quite exciting and stimulating. Many opportunities will come which will  yield from unknown sources. It is important that this person does not make any mistakes.

This person also goes pleasure from moving place to place. They enjoy growing a business and usually the business plan is thought of in a groundbreaking way.

By Florance Saul
Dec 21, 2012