Sword Edge Nose

Sword Edge Nose

A sword is a very sharp and double-edged knife that is used to symbolize power, victory, and maximum protection.

For a sword edge nose, it forms at its back in a feature such as a sharp and narrow sword. This usually happens in line with one’s nose tip, which has very narrow nose wings.

This personality has attributes that keep them distant from others, and hardly do they find life easy going. Hardship is a common attribute of their endeavors. They do not find anything fancy in their lives because they believe that life is always unfair to them; generally, they believe that their life is a complete nightmare.

Trouble constantly builds up at every point of their life, and it is believed to cause a repulsive approach to most of their tasks and activities, no matter how good they seem to be to them.

They are always fighting hard to keep their lives at pace with their needs and desires. They do not find any time to relax or make anything good out of the little that they gather in their lifetime. Their lifestyle is so unpredictable, but the most imminent trait is that they are not easily settled and every little opportunity that crosses their way is never unattended.

As much as they work hard to make ends meet, it is clear that they rarely live to achieve even a bit of their dreams, goals, and ambitions.

One of the best attributes of these personalities is that they easily speak their mind without any aspects of exaggeration or distortion. It is believed that in issues that touch their lives, they believe that there is no reason for keeping that so personal and confidential.

They do not mind whether the persons they are telling will care or not, but for them, the most important part is to let people know the truth on what they are up to and who they really are. In some cases, they lack the tactics of carrying this out, and as a result, they end up exposing themselves inappropriately.

They lack close confidence and cannot be entrusted the duty of keeping confidential information, especially on very sensitive matters. They can work with anybody, but at the point where they do not have to reach to private matters about people or institutions. Working under pressure is part of them, and they are best suited to such scenarios.

They are believed to have very poor relationships with those close to them, such as siblings, partners, and children. They have no feelings of love or closeness to any of them on pursuing their goals in life. This sometimes results from the fact that their lives are full of predicaments and mishaps. In due time, they do not regard relationships to be anything they can hold onto.

By Florance Saul
Dec 21, 2012