The sword mouth has distinctive broad lips.

Both lips slightly dip in the middle resembling the handle of a sword. People with this mouth tend to be energetic and resilient to problems. They love life's comforts, and they have a strong belief in carrying out tasks in a correct manner.

Committed, steadfast and likeable they take their relationships with others seriously.

They make great lovers, but they need to protect themselves against getting hurt. The sword mouthed person normally works hard and they need to especially guard against any injuries. Especially in sports.

These are righteous people and extremely productive.

They function much better when part of a group. Helping other people solve their problems is something that they strive for. They value friendship that brings love and loyalty. They value relationships to be more important than wealth. This person makes great friends.

They are true and loyal in nature. They may flourish in careers that help others.

Summary of characteristics…

  • Not materialistic in life - values friendships.
  • Makes a great best friend.
  • Likes to carry out tasks in a certain way.
  • Works hard in life.
  • Can be serious when it comes to work.
  • Likes perfection.

By Florance Saul
Dec 21, 2012