Sunken Lips

Sunken Lips
People with this mouth formation are introverts.
Bearers normally hide their feelings and thoughts. This makes them appear rather reserved. On a positive note, they are highly dependable team leaders and negotiators.  The internal power of these people can mean that they can feel alone and an outsider at the same time.
If the top lip is more than one cm this means they struggle to recognize and celebrate their uniqueness. If the lips are thin it can mean that in life they must try to unlock their incredible energy, creativity, endurance and flexibility.
Positively, they possess an amazing capability to tune into their surroundings. Their intuition is extremely powerful when they have time to think about things. They are enigmas to their friends. It is difficult to learn what is going on in their minds.  In any case, if one wants to learn what they are thinking, one must do a lot of prodding. These people are quick to regret actions because of being so remorseful. 

These people are also more likely to contradict others. This is because they want to please their acquaintances and friends. Remember, they do not wish to offend people. The other reason why they contradict themselves is that they do not express their ideas clearly. That way, people make different interpretations on what they imply.  Because of that, they usually try to weigh up their options before making a decision in life. This is why they sometimes miss good opportunities.

There is a shift towards trying to understand one’s own inner life around the age of forty. Unfortunately they can sometimes be rather unreadable and they can suffer from mood swings. People that live with them sometimes try to cheer them up.  Nevertheless, once they become aware of their state of mind, they are masters of their own thoughts, a more stable self-confident will emerge. They normally possess great luck or opportunities.

They are normally in the right place at the right time, this gives them excellent opportunities for success. If they cannot believe in themselves they may find that they are in positions that suit their abilities. Confidence is something that they can sometimes lack, however, if they have more faith in themselves they will go all the way to success.

There is a possibility that these people can sometimes get into debt. This can mean that they become frustrated and want to be on their own to sort out their problems. Although they may be at times able to satisfying their own obligations it truly is exceptionally essential for them to aim high in life.

Summary of Characteristics...

  • Can suffer from mood swings.
  • May get into debt.
  • Become frustrated in life.
  • They have faith in themselves - sometimes they lack confidence in life.

By Florance Saul
Dec 21, 2012