Strong eyebrows

Strong eyebrows

These eyebrows normally appear to be high-set eyebrows that have a steady look.

The hair that makes them up is somehow thick and having tidy and neat look. To many, these people have a charismatic look and give an indication of good leadership abilities. These people have high level of personal endurance; they also have a strong willpower and drive that enables them to succeed in anything that they do.

Most of the time, they have the ability to allocate work to people that best matches their capabilities and talents.

These eyebrows are also a good feature that is commonly seen in the leading entrepreneurs and business personalities. These people have big dreams and will pursue them most of the time. They enjoy a very good social life, and they have very good friends.

Strong eyebrows are associated with an analytical mind. It has been suggested that those people who have shorter eyebrows have a deficiency in the gallbladder.  Therefore, if you have strong (thick) eyebrows that are short then improve your diet. Additionally, if they eat too much  carbohydrate this can cause them to be tired. 

So what are strong eyebrows? Strong eyebrows  well-defined eyebrows that are large. There is a chance that these people with strong eyebrows can experience  a lack of energy.  it might be worth thinking about going to the gym if you have strong eyebrows.

They like to spend time with others enjoy family time and having friends over. They rarely ask others for help like to depend upon themselves. You normally find this type of person in a profession which involves something physical such as a builder. 

The strong eyebrowed  person does not normally put that much emphasis on material well-being. The much more interested in spiritual connections. They detest trying to keep up with others - they really are their own person. Strong eyebrows people always have everything in order.

For the eyebrows to rise down to the temples indicates that this person is much better equipped to be responsible and in charge of others. 


By Florance Saul
Dec 20, 2012