Sparse Eyebrows

Sparse Eyebrows
People with sparse eyebrows have very thin hair and an incomplete appearance.
Commonly, the eyebrow looks faint or faded in nature. People who have sparse eyebrows should steer clear of addictive drugs. They come across at times mean-spirited and calculative in nature. The character of these people can be benevolent. In addition, these people will always remember every detail when it comes to the wrong acts that happened in their lives.
They do not forgive, nor forget those that have wronged them.
People with sparse eyebrows are careful with their money. They do like to spend money on themselves, but rarely on friends or relatives. They disregard other people and are never concerned about their feelings. They do not care what other people think about them.
On a more positive note, they are deeply romantic and believe in marriage for life. They are usually fortunate in acquiring lovers as they are normally fairly attractive. There life path is to try to delve more deeply into the spiritual world. They are the soul and life of the party and their wild presence has an electrifying effect on other people.

By Florance Saul
Dec 8, 2012