Solitary Lines

Solitary Lines

People with this mouth can seem rather unhappy.

 Despite such a look, they are witty in nature. Their brilliance makes them attractive. Their only problem is that these people are difficult to please. This explains why they have led a lonely life. These people can also focus on other people too much, more than two solitary lines means that they can be extremely secretive.

They do not expose what they know to the rest of the world. They are discouraged by their nature of being rather unapproachable. Therefore, things just remain a secret – especially their thoughts.

They can come across as being stubborn, they have rather erratic emotional responses to problems. People that have this mouth can suffer from stress and fatigue, which can be made either by an harmful, hectic life-style that permits little time for enjoyment and rest or by persistent worrying and indecisiveness.

For leisure they like roller skating, painting, mountaineering or dancing will help those people born with these lips.

They know love holds secret and magic. They prefer to be in a relationship this means that they can be indecisive and uncommitted. As soon as they meet the right person they are passionate, but their generous and dependable nature can imply that they will always look for someone who shares their sensitivity, their ambitions and their sturdy perception of life.

If a women…

In case these people need to apply makeup on their lips, they should always go for neutral colors. They should start right away with a lip liner that is also neutral before adding a layer of lipstick to crown their efforts. Lighter tones of makeup are perfect for these people. Dark tones are avoided because they can reveal any slight weakness on this type of mouth.

Summary of characteristics…

  • Negative about trying to achieve things in life.
  • Can be introverted.
  • Will not move on decisions - therefore Stubborn.
  • Has extreme emotional responses.

By Florance Saul
Dec 21, 2012