Snake Mouth

Snake Mouth

This is a mouth that has thin lips.

These lips protrude a little. In the general sense, the bearers of this mouth look like they do not have lips at all. It is important to note that the tongues of these people slightly protrude out of the face. This is a characteristic of the snake.

These types of people cannot be trusted at all. They have a behavior of doubting everything in life. When they get a chance to exploit other people, they take it fast. They deal with other people in an insincere manner. They have a feeling that other people will give them the worst in life. Therefore, at all turns, they mistreat other people.

These people are somewhat suspicious in nature. Their suspicion can be seen in their attitude and speech.These people have a loose tongue. They easily lie or cheat to gain some advantages. Because of a negative attitude, many people dislike them with zeal. On the other hand, they are able to maintain friends.

That interpretation aside, women with thin lips can easily make men feel in love with them. These women are keen on details. They are also extremely sensitive and intuitive. Thin lips are also found on snake mouths as stated earlier. These are very sweet women, even if at times they become shy and reserved, which is their nature. Despite the fact that these lips are sensible, they make a strong weapon for overcoming hard situations in life. This can be in a fight or debate.

To enhance the appearance of this snake mouth, you can apply nudes that are glossy. That way, you will draw more attention to your beautiful mouth. Any make-up you put on should be aimed at adding more volume to the lips on this mouth. People who have this mouth usually apply lipstick on the whole mouth lips. A  pink color is most suitable for that work.


  • Sexy people.
  • Can be shy or reserved.

By Florance Saul
Dec 21, 2012