Small Eyes

Small Eyes

When you notice someone with small eyes, the first thing you will usually be drawn to is not the size of the eye but the shape of them.

While smaller eyes are dominant in Asian cultures, even other people with small eyes tend to have a slanted or almond shape to their eye. Do not confuse the specific shape of the eye with the meaning of the size of the eye itself. This should also note that just because a particular culture tends to have this eye type, that of course not everyone from that region will have the same personality. This is why it is even more important to focus on the size of the eye rather than the shape.

The small eyed person will be one that usually does not open their eye fully. This gives the allusion of either being elusive and combined with other features can be a condescending or charming personality type. Usually people with small eyes are secretive by nature. Like their eyes, they do not give things away easily. They are cautious of letting people get too close or allowing others to know what they are thinking.

When you are drawn to a person with small eyes be aware that this kind of eye lends itself to a person that can be difficult to get to know. Because of their secretive ways they are not ones that open up easily to others. This does not mean that they will not but they will be guarded with their feelings.

They tend to keep to themselves, be more reserved, and watch the party vs. being the center of it. Once they have your attention, or more importantly, you have theirs they have all of their attention on you though. While they do not open up easily, they also do not let go easily either.

One of the most difficult things to overcome with a person with small eyes is that they tend to see everything. You see, while they are being quiet wall flowers, they are soaking up their surroundings. People often assume that people like this are going to be shy or quiet, but in reality they are just assessing the situation.

These people can make very smart lawyers or figures type people because of their attention to detail. Having a relationship can be difficult as you may find that the small eyed person doesn’t miss a thing! Getting away with something is a bit of a challenge.

People with this eye size can come off as being something they are not. Be apt around people with small eyes and try not to judge them without being cautious of their personality and understanding that they are holding a bit of themselves back. You may find that you misjudge them and lose out on an excellent friendship.

The key to building a relationship with a person with small eyes is trust. While they do not make it easy to open up, as while they are holding back about themselves they are not giving feedback about what they think about you either. You need to allow the relationship to grow slowly and be direct. Do not give them the ability to avoid topics by asking general or broad questions. Be open and up front and in time people with small eyes will usually give you back the same common courtesy.

By Florance Saul
Nov 27, 2012