Small Eyebrows

Small eyebrows

When you hear about small eyebrows, the first thing that comes to mind is the size.

You expect those people to be short in size, but in real sense, when we say small, we are referring to size. This size is observed in line with the size of the face. Many people with small eyebrows have been known to be cautious about nearly every aspect of life.

They do however enjoy the abundance that can be found in life. There is a danger that they concentrate on smallness. In other words, they think too small. Despite that general observation, these people have traits which are completely different when they fall in love. In that case, they indulge in abundance. They actually find themselves with a lot of of love to give - they fall totally in love! 

Women with small eyebrows meaning

Women with small eyebrows are known to lead happy lives. They are not filled with anxieties at all. Their husbands and other family members will take good care of them. That means that they will live in a life of abundance. They will not lack anything that they consider to be important for their well-being.

Mean with small eyebrows meaning

On the other hand, men with small eyebrows need to take extra care of themselves, since they are likely to be subjected to manipulation and being cheated by the women they are engaged with.

In face reading, short eyebrows are an affectionate soul. It is considered in Chinese-based medicine that short eyebrows are unlucky.  Face reading books explain that people who have short eyebrows are generally quite unlucky in life - sorry to say. That is not to say that you are going to be unlucky if you do have short eyebrows.  It really depends on  your other facial features.

To have a longer nose structure or larger mouth can cancel out the unlucky aspect of this trait.

Ancient Chinese manuscripts on face reading suggest that males with short eyebrows are looking for affection in waking life.

It can suggest that they had a challenging childhood and they need this support in adulthood. Some people’s eyebrows are short and rather bushy. It is believed that this type of person has a temper that needs to be controlled at times. To have short eyebrows and if the hair is thick and possibly meets in the middle suggests that you will progress in life in the latter stages. This is because you had to understand who was a person before you can take life’s challenges. I hope this article has been helpful to you! 

By Florance Saul
Dec 20, 2012