Small and Watery Eyes

Small and Watery Eyes

Small eyes have their own meaning and feeling and you might want to look up that as well concerning this eye type.

Having small and watery eyes is a compounding issue which makes the typical small eye person more emotional and sensitive in nature. Small eyed people are usually logical and succinct and when you add the emotional quality of the watery eye to the mix you get a confusion that sets in and the results can be difficult to ascertain! The small and watery eye person has issues with expression of their emotions even though they can feel them deeply.

Their logical mind doesn’t allow for the latent sensitivity that they feel and therefor they are often able to suppress their feelings. When they do become overly stressed or caught up in a situation they then tend to break down or have anxiety.

People with small and watery eyes are prone to anxiety attacks as they have a hard time expressing their emotions which is combined with being receptive to other people. They are excellent judges of character and can pick up on small or subtle body language gestures but they also tend to over think things.

The smallest of clues will lead them on a wild goose chase of conclusions. Eventually, they have the smarts to open up but when they begin talking about emotions they will stutter, contradict themselves, or speak softly almost to the point of not being coherent.

Small and watery eyes are an indication of people with high intellect and often writing is a passion of theirs. They are also inherently good with numbers and this can help them along on educational fronts. They are able to work through tasks that cause frustration and repetition allows them to forget their feelings and jump into work with both feet.

They do well with numbers and mundane work and often are excellent with petty tasks or attention to detail. For this reason they make good accountants, data analysts, and policy or research experts.

Dealing with people is not as easy as people are not abstract and people bring about new emotional quotients to situations. In relationships they are usually inconsistent and can be unsure about their feelings of other people.

While they will be attracted to intellect types that resemble their own nature, the watery aspect of their nature will make it difficult for intellectuals to understand them as they are not so cut and dry. It isn’t made any better that they have a hard time expressing what they truly want from a relationship or how they are feeling! When they are rejected they often withdraw. They also have a hard time with breaking up and will have trouble letting go of a lost love as it is hard for them to get back into the game.

Their minds and their hearts are patient though. They take time to fall in love but when they do they get comfortable quickly with routine and a long dating scenario can easily end in a whirlwind engagement. Once they are fully involved in an emotional endeavor they will continue down the same road.

For this reason they make loyal friends and lovers. They are people you can trust, if you allow the time for them to warm up to you.

By Florance Saul
Nov 26, 2012