Sideward Gazing Eye

Sideward Gazing Eye

People with sideward gazing eyes are those sorts of people who are always monitoring a room or situation from the side of their eyes, glancing around mischievously and seeming like they are always on alert mode.

These kinds of people are naturally cautious and this trait is exaggerated (sometimes to a comical level) with the natural setting and placement of their eye. You can almost always spot a person like this as they will not usually look you in the eye when they talk to you.

These kinds of people are fine with talking and not being able to see you and it will sometimes seem as though they are ignoring you during conversation. They are more focused on themselves than anyone else and therefore eye contact is not really of the upmost importance to people with sideward gazing eye placement.

It isn’t uncommon to feel a sense of mistrust towards people with sideward gazing eye placement. Unlike with other eye types, people of this kind of eye are rarely misjudged. While they may look the part of the sneaky or calculating type… you will often find that when you get to know people like this that they are like this as well when you cut them down to the bone. There is something about them that is self-serving and cunning.

Sideward glancing eye people are usually excellent at business and anything that requires quick calculations. They are smart, quick minded, and aware of what is going on regarding multiple aspects all at once. These kinds of people are basically the ones that you want to hold your own money close with.

Unless they are working for you! For the most part, sideward gazing eye individuals are excellent advisors and if you are paying them enough and you have bonded to the point where you trust them you can rely on them to help you (and them) come out on top financially. Be careful that you do not allow them too much power in your company or organization though. Also be mindful that their actions are fair dealings. You do not want to get caught up with these people or get on their bad side!

Generally sideward glancing eye people can find happiness in complex tasks. They will be most happy working alone but also need a lot of recognition for their work. The balance between the two can be difficult and because of this you will find that they prefer to run their own department or company. They do need others to keep them on task or focused on the big picture as they often get lost in small details.

In a relationship these people will often be loyal to a fault once they fall for you. Getting to know them or finding it easy to trust them is a challenge.

However, if you do manage to win them over then they will remain faithful in love. Love tends to be difficult for the however, because as much as other people don’t trust them… they are not open to trusting others either. A good match for these people is a person who does not put up with petty games or drama. If you are that person and you find yourself in love with a person with sideward glancing eyes then you are in for a long and happy relationship.

By Florance Saul
Mar 28, 2013