Short Eyebrows

short eyebrows

Short eyebrows extend from above the outer corner of the eye to the inner corner of the eye.

People with short eyebrows can be rather intense in life. They can be difficult to communicate with. People with these eyebrows lack over-romantic feelings. These people normally have difficult relationships with their family, because they are independent on others.

Some point in life these people will show others that they can take the lead. 

This behavior is associated with their controlling lifestyles and short tempers, which arise especially when things are not working out in their favor. In cases where the eyebrows are thick (more than a grain of rice) and short, these people are more likely to enjoy a great family life when they reach middle age.

If you find that the eyebrows are also sparse and thin then these subject's are normally rather lucky. Short eyebrow hair is associated with an innovative mind. This type of person will enjoy any type of focused career, that requires study. They are normally not great at DIY around the house. People with short eyebrows have an unhealthy gallbladder. This is because the gallbladder is connected to the eyebrow hair. It has been suggested In Chinese medicine that those people who have shorter eyebrows have a deficiency in the gallbladder.  

The diet of those that have short eyebrows should be relatively healthy. Additionally, if they eat too much fat this can cause them to be lethargic.

There is a danger that people with short eyebrows can experience bouts of loneliness. They like to spend time on their own and have hermit-type nature. Short eyebrow people rarely ask others for help, they like to depend on themselves. You normally find this type of person in a profession which involves a lack of teamwork. They detest trying to keep up with the Joneses and they rely on themselves.

Short eyebrows people always have everything under control. There is an issue with the social aspect of this person but they do rely upon their family and close friends to offer support.

What if you pluck or shape your eyebrows?

Many women have short eyebrows because of plucking, it is important to read the eyebrows in their natural state. If the hair is rather straight and does not bend this indicates a forward thinking person.

In summary, it might be worth getting the gallbladder checked. Additionally, eyebrows that are rather short in nature are associated with somebody who feels happy in daily life. There is an automatic feeling of owing something to people.

For the eyebrow hair to also be thin and short indicates that this person is much happier in charge of others. They can be seen as a leader. Complications may arise in the career because they do resist being told what to do.


By Florance Saul
Dec 20, 2012