Sanpanku Eyes Spiritual Meaning

Sanpanku Spiritual Meaning

If you have sanpanku eyes you are known as a "Sanpanku" it means you have spiritual insight according to legend. If you can see the whites that surround the eye: the bottom-left-right, or even above then this is a positive omen for your life. Spiritually it means you have the ability to foresee future events. There is also a dark side to these eyes which I will go into shortly but let me first tell you about the yin and yang. The theory is that spiritually we all have opposing forces in our lives and it is thought that the sanpanku eyes can mean you are on one of two paths, these paths are known as Yin and Yang. 

The Sanpaku can be associated with both Yin and Yang and those that have these eyes have two life paths:

  • Yin Sanpaku - The Yin indicates that the face is dangerous and the person will give into dark thoughts. However, there are ways to overcome this. Those that have a stare, that is prolonged indicate these eyes.
  • Yang Sanpaku - The Yang is positive --- this indicates those that have these eyes are connected to emotions in life and the behavior that we exhibit. In the Japanese tradition, the Yang Sanpaku spiritually means conflict and self-control. 

The white on the bottom is called Sanpaku by the Japanese. Irises don't touch the bottom of your eyelid, and the whites of your eyes are visible below. Medically, these types of eyes are down to a genetic disorder known as "Sanpanku" in Japan and on occasion causes the iris of the eye to have a black streak running through it and three whites around the eyes. It is caused by a mutation in the gene that controls pigmentation, and its name means "black stripe" in Japanese. A cure for Sanpanku eyes is not known, and from my research, the condition is relatively rare. In spite of this, I have read that the condition is not harmful to vision or overall health.

There is a Japanese belief these types of eyes (Yin) have sociological problems and it is known as the psychopath stare -- I am not sure I agree. What is interesting is that in Japanese face reading Sanpaku means "three whites" if you stare in a mirror you will see that your eyes have two sides one to the left and right. Those that have Sanpaku can indicate white also either below or upright. Therefore the eyes look like they are "staring" so I am going to go into the spiritual meaning of these types of eyes. 


Sanpanku eyes

What are Sanpanku eyes?

In Japanese, the word "Sanpanku" (さんぱんく) describes the eye found in snakes and lizards. If we translate "sanpaku" this can be interpreted as "three whites" and literally this is associated with how our eye divides up and the “space” of white around our eye. The Japanese believe the whites of our eyes indicate our spiritual path in life. The superstition that people with these eyes are dangerous was widespread in the 1960s, as many murders had occurred, and people believed that the murderers had extra white at either the bottom or top of their eyes. For now, I just wanted to let you know that face reading, or as I like to refer to it: in physiognomy, encompasses many different interpretations of what certain features on the face represent. Large pupils are a sign of intelligence or wisdom but also a sign of danger or aggression. 

Sanpanku eyes


Is having Sanpanku eyes bad?

It was in 1965 that Japanese macrobiotic theorist George Ohsawa said, "The long and short of it is that a person with sanpaku eyes is not long for this world. He is doomed." In other words, someone with sanpaku eyes will die soon. According to Ohsawa, sanpaku eyes are associated with three main causes of death. First, the person will kill themselves. The second possibility is that someone else will kill them. Natural death is the third possibility. So is this really true? Also, I bet you are here because you are wondering about the personality of the sanpaku person that you know. In order to explore this further we need to turn to more information in his book. George Ohsawa views sanpanku eyes as a way to see the world in harmony with nature, seeking the truth, and helping others. There is a belief that this way of looking at the world can bring about peace and prosperity. So in my view, this is also a lucky sign. Famous people, princess Diana and Bille Eilish are supposed to have Sanpaku eyes, but on the other hand, there are pictures online where their eyes do not have permanent white underneath or on top. 

What is interesting, is that sanpanku eyes are also a type of eye found in some animals, such as snakes and lizards. A large pupil occupies most of the eye in these creatures. Although they are able to see well in low light conditions, bright light can be difficult for them to see through. Snakes and lizards have slit-like pupils, while humans have round pupils. Therefore, if you see someone with very large pupils, they are not necessarily Sanpanku eyes!

Sanpanku eyes


Are these types “Sanpaku” eyes rare?

In Asia, Sanpaku eyes are quite common, despite their rarity in the Western world. From celebrities to everyday people, you can find Sanpaku eyes everywhere. One in three Japanese people has sanpaku eyes, for example.
Throughout history, Sanpaku eyes have been associated with a variety of things. In some cultures. I have already said before they are seen as a sign of good luck and are thought to bring people good fortune. Others consider them a sign of wisdom and intelligence. In addition, some people believe that sanpaku eyes are a sign of impending death.
Sanpaku eyes are certainly unique and interesting to look at, regardless of the variety of beliefs about them. If you have seen someone with sanpaku eyes then like me, you maybe confused. It's just something about them that makes you stare in fascination if you come across someone with these eyes.

Does Sanpaku Eyes Meaning Death?

Honestly, I don’t think this is a sign of death. Now, there is a strong belief among many people that sanpaku eyes are a sign that death and many websites claim this. If it was a sign of death then the people who have them would not survive, right? What might be interesting to share with you is that when we die the white film suddenly covers our eyes following death. Sanpaku eyes are said to be related to the exit of the soul from the body, and individuals with sanpaku eyes are more likely to pass before death. There is a real lack of scientific evidence, even though this is a popular theory is a popular one in many cultures. Now bear with me here -- as I know it might seem a bit crazy. It is important to look at science and how this can affect Chinese beliefs. According to Japanese tradition, people with sanpaku eyes are tough and have a focus in life. Having sanpaku eyes, however, is believed to bring good luck and long life in India.

Sanpanku eyes and the darkness of Charles Manson

It is known that Charles Manson had Sanpanku eyes, I'm not saying all people with these eyes have criminal tendencies but it is important to understand what we can learn from this. Charles Manson led a small but notorious cult known as the "Manson Family" in California. It is believed that this group committed a series of brutal murders, most notably that of actress Sharon Tate and several others in Tate's Los Angeles home. As result of the murders, which shocked and horrified the entire world according to the Japanese due to Sanpanku.


Sanpanku eyes


What do Sanpanku eyes mean spiritually?

A person with Sanpanku eyes may be destined to become a great spiritual leader, according to some. People with Sanpanku eyes are said to have a deep understanding of the spiritual world and are capable of communicating with spirits.

There is also a belief that people with Sanpanku eyes are compassionate and caring. Often considered natural healers, they are said to be able to help others who are suffering from physical or emotional distress.

Those with Sanpanku eyes must understand that this is not a power that should be used for selfish purposes. It is a gift that should be used to better the world and help others.

What is the personality of people with Sanpanku eyes?

I do feel that those with Sanpanku eyes have a great reputation for compassion and caring among people with Sanpanku eyes. They are often regarded as natural healers who can help others suffering from physical or emotional problems. 

It is also thought that stress, tiredness, or health problems often lead to this trait. So what is the type of personality of those with Sanpaku eyes? Taking offense is easy for them, as they are temperamental. Also in my view, people with these eyes tend to make enemies easily. The Japanese consider that the person is not dangerous if they have three white sides to their eyes. Illness, depression, or exhaustion can cause it to be temporary. If this is the case, if you have these eyes it is thought that you need to get some rest and replenish your energy ---- in order to relax and re-energize. Nervous energy should be let go by this person.

Public figures with three-sided eyes include John F. Kennedy, Yitzhak Rabin, Abraham Lincoln, and Martin Luther King Jr. There is a tendency for famous people to have this trait. 

In addition to being wise and insightful, people with Sanpanku eyes are also considered to be very intelligent. Advice and guidance are often sought from them. It is important to remember that if you believe that you have Sanpanku eyes, you should not use it for personal gain. To make the world a better place, it should be used to help others.

What does it mean to see white at the bottom of your eyes?

White at the bottom of your eye, or white in someone else's eye, is a sign of spiritual purity, enlightenment, or impending danger. Regardless of the meaning for you, it is important to follow any guidance you feel you are receiving. I’m not medically trained but in my research, I found that vitreous detachment could be the cause of this symptom. When the white suddenly appears at the bottom of your eye (and you are not born with it means then I would urge you to seek medical advice, this spiritual meaning I am focusing on the pure spiritual meaning.

What does it mean to have Sanpaku above the eye?

To see white at the top of the eye traditionally in Japanese superstition culture can indicate that there could be a danger in life. Think of it like this: above the eye indicates that there are dangers in life and if you have this can mean there is a problem with emotions. Above the eye is supposed to yield difficulties and problems and maybe criminal tendencies. 

Sanpanku eyes theory and the Kennedy Assassination

For years, the Kennedy assassination has been hotly debated, with no clear consensus on what actually happened. According to the Warren Commission, it was a lone gunman. According to theories, Lee Harvey Oswald the lone gunman had Sanpanku eyes. Oswald was a former Marine who had defected to the Soviet Union and then returned to the United States. He was working as a security guard at the Texas School Book Depository on the day of the Kennedy assassination. Shortly after the shooting, Oswald was arrested, and he claimed to be a patsy. According to him, he was set up to take responsibility for the murder. Before he could stand trial, Oswald was shot and killed by Jack Ruby two days later. Oswald was the lone gunman in the Kennedy assassination, according to the Warren Commission, and the reason I mention this is that he was supposed to have Sanpanku eyes. 

What is the conclusion of these types of eyes?

It is possible to draw a few conclusions from someone who has sanpaku eyes. Stress or insufficient sleep may be the cause of the person's fatigue. The person may be ill or have an imbalance in their health. As a last resort, it is also possible that the person is genetically predisposed to having sanpaku eyes. Whatever the cause, sanpaku eyes in my view can indicate good luck or something difficult impending in life. I personally feel that this is a positive omen in all the research I have completed. 



By Florance Saul
Oct 30, 2022