Round Face


The rounded face shape is generally considered a positive trait.

You are great at relationships and these people seem to make the right choices romantically. Many are in long-term relationships and if not will be in one soon. The rounded face shape equals many sexual urges so you don't suffer a poor sex drive. You find aggressive and dominating people annoying. In chinese face reading this is known as the water face.

You avoid being the heart of the group, are polite, and dislike attention. Feelings are honest most of the time, they sometimes hide their feelings. Things are conducted in peace, without making a fuss and without trying to get all the credit. These people are easy going and want people to like them.

Key traits of a round / water face

  • They have round shaped face. 
  • The features are prominent chin, wide mouth, large forehead, thin eyebrows and deep set eyes with long eye lashes.


  • They are good company.
  • Flexible in approach.
  • Highly adaptable to situations.
  • Capable of understanding things deeply and are intuitive in nature.
  • Enjoy change and variety.
  • Never jump onto something hurriedly and blindly. They are reflective and take their changes only after evaluation of a situation from all angles.
  • Can easily get along people and can make them work.
  • Are very sensitive and do not forget things easily. But at the same time know how to control emotions in public.
  • Intelligent and diplomatic in nature.
  • Have strong business sense and good in spotting opportunities.
  • Smart and practical.
  • Slow in decision making.
  • Though the above explanation details 5 types of clear cases, but it may happen that one’s face is a mixture of two cases. In such case their characteristic is also mixture of both types.

Jing and Qi Markers: Jing may also be referred to as inherited potential or DNA that manifests physically and adds to the development of your body and the characteristics of stamina and strength. Protecting Jing is important for any lengthy lifespan.

The flatter the region on the forehead, the greater you may choose the way you use or manifest your jing. The best side from the upper temple comes from your family and also the left side comes from the father's family.

Your face can be observed in numerous ways: for example, large bones or bones that do not break easily, plenty of hair around the face, possible gaps between your teeth. Your face may display all or one of these traits.

The "M-shaped hairline" shows extra Yin Energy-chanced. Creativeness and/or fertility which suggests extra Jing too. Strong Jing is also shown by thick cartilage, the thicker the greater. These types of cars are known as "Frozen Ponds.' Cool, collected and level-headed. In a party situation you will enter the room and scan it first.

Most will label you as the “listening” type because while you are busy reserving your opinions of others, people will take this opportunity to animatedly talk to you (delighted to find someone to whom they can talk non stop to….who will listen!) You tend to keep your emotions to yourself and internalize rather than express them.

While this works really well in the work environment, it can cause difficulties in a relationship. You tend to avoid conflict and when trapped will aim for total victory or surrender just to keep the peace.

Your challenge is to open up to others about why you act like you do. Talk about your needs and concerns so your partner can understand you. It’s that or risk losing them as, they might assume you have no feelings and therefore no interest!

Face Shape Chart


By Florance Saul
Jan 31, 2017