Riverdeer Nose

The riverdeer nose is easily identified on the basis of its length in relation to other types of noses.

It is characterized by having an extended and pointy tip that is extremely long. The riverdeer nose’s wings are thin and have lines that are defined and clearly marked out. This personality is regarded as being extremely selfish. They lack the spirit of thinking about a second party in terms of helping or reaching out a hand for help. They are very mean and do not think about the welfare of other people. They are very selfish to the point of not helping even any of their close friends. Often, they do not think of other people’s interests in any way, but they think of how they can achieve the best for themselves before anyone else.



They are believed to lack the sight of the big picture in the future. For them, the most important thing is how they can they can have a self-image that is uplifted above everyone else. They are thought to be a kind of personality that notices things in the light of tomorrow.

Whenever they do anything, they do not see or think that they will ever need help from other people during their lifetime. This occurs due to the notion that they are self-sufficient and do not or will not want help at any point in their life. They lack the insight of correctly forecasting into the future. As a result, they often lack the wisdom of making correct decisions that can help them satisfy their interests.


It is believed that they always lose when dealing with issues that are so material in their lives. Most people know them as a personality that does not have the capacity to tolerate them in fair deals, and also as a way of compensating, especially for those they believe to be easily gullible; they end up tricking them into losing and making wrong choices.

Most of their life wanders about trivial matters that do not have any significance. They are unable to make any major decisions that can lead to their personal growth, especially in the long run. As a result, they are not very successful.


Riverdeer nosed people are believed to work best in environments that give them an opportunity to do self-assessment aimed at self-interest. They are the best managers of themselves and their personal assets more than those of others.


They do not do anything to please anybody, but in most cases, they do have very poor cross-border relations, especially among their close associates. They end up experiencing a lonely life and being poor during the later stages of their life.

By Florance Saul
Dec 21, 2012