Risen Eyebrows

Risen Eyebrows

Risen eyebrows are deeply rich and very deep in color, and they also have very sharp ends that grow in an upward direction.

The hairs that grow on the eyebrows grow in an upward direction and an uniform manner and this gives them a highly charismatic appearance.

These individuals are highly focused and fearless in anything they undertake, and when they take a stand, they refuse to change their position despite any pressure exerted on them. They have the power and courage to start things from scratch.

They never wait for things to fall their way; they go out and create their own opportunities. Whether they are rich or not, these people are respectable and have a high self-esteem that rises from their magnetic personalities. They will be prosperous in life.

Risen eyebrow people are righteous and have the ability to differentiate from wrong and right. They can read people really well. Their best strength is they are rarely influenced by what others say.

Most of the time, people with risen eyebrows have a logical, strong, and analytical mind.

This means they rely on their own judgments because they have the capacity to separate facts from fiction. They also have powerful skills for leadership, and most of the time, this bring about a good income and a high social status for their family.

In Chinese face reading if the inside of the eyebrows (risen) go up and then down, in a sense pointing towards the bridge of the nose, suggests that there is keenness and enthusiasm. Additionally, they have high expectations. The bearer is focused on challenge.

This is an important factor in life. If the bearer takes on a task they are focused on accomplishment. After completing one task they soon begin to work on next. There can be an obsessed to set new goals and they will meet them very quickly. This can annoy those people around the risen eyebrow bearer. If the eyebrow is messy and bushy, there is an eye on future plans. The bearer holds much enthusiasm and optimism and a real zest for life. There can be a severe problem of delay. Ideally new projects need to be started as soon as possible.

As we have already touched on these eyebrows are found on those people that like to take on more and more responsibility.  There is a focus on projects, especially business and nature. In a business sense, this male or female can be powerful.

They will be more than useful in any type of career. Holding a powerful personality will influence many business projects.

By Florance Saul
Dec 21, 2012