Righteous Eyebrows

Righteous Eyebrows

Eyebrows are righteous if they have the look of broad swords that tend to rise up the subject’s face and have a small tilt at the corners on the outer sides.

The subject has a forceful and highly charismatic appearance, and this makes them a person to be reckoned with.

People with righteous eyebrows are hard-headed and obstinate most of the time; they have the weakness of never accepting defeat. Because of this, they approach life with an antagonistic stance, and this makes them resort to unfair means when they want to get something.

These people have a limited tolerance and tend to quickly lose their temper, making them very impatient and foolproof. They are considered to be highly unapproachable, and this means they usually have a limited number of friends. They are also oriented towards given targets, and they never ponder deeply into any questions that concern their lives. 

The righteous eyebrow person is great at work. It is imperative to also mention but they can also be a type of genius. Perhaps talented, and happy to move forward in life with ambition.  There  is a focus on being popular in life.

They cultivate cheerfulness and have a hidden optimism. A real sense of humour presents itself when the hair meets in the middle. The bearer of a righteous eyebrow can achieve anything with valour. They often find pleasure in, music, art and some sort of creative industry.

They try to make this as successful as they can. Normally, they work for themselves. The reason being is furthering themselves - and they're much more successful in life if they are their own boss.

They are both independent and cooperative, but may have trouble recognising that they have these qualities. Normally have very minor setbacks in life. Chinese face reading states that those with the righteous eyebrow are always right!

By Florance Saul
Dec 21, 2012