Ridged Mouth

Ridged Mouth

A mouth formation that consists of irregular lips, wavy mouth and projecting teeth is known as a ridged mouth.  

People with such a mouth find it difficult to keep secrets. That is why everyone wants to hear reliable information from this person.

These people easily engage in whispering and gossiping. They not only talk much, but they do so loudly. They propagate information with plenty of character. They find themselves speaking ahead of their thoughts most of the time - this leads to tricky situations. On a more positive note, they have sophistication and elegance when they speak. Due to that reason, they receive little respect from their friends.

They are usually honest and open people, prepared to offer their opinion on anything. Although themselves-confidence is admirable, it doesn't always enable them to set goals, one factor is that they lack judgment. They might, for instance, take harmful risks or underestimate or misunderstand people and situations, and they lack the ability to listen to the advice of others, even individuals who're experts within their area. This can of course, work against them. Quite simply, they create excellent communicators, but inadequate defenders.

In summary, a person with this mouth...

  • Honest open person
  • Loves to gossip.
  • Lack of judgment.
  • Can take risks.

By Florance Saul
Dec 21, 2012