Revealed Stove Nose

Revealed Stove Nose

If one would like to know this kind of person, the nose type is very large, stretching outward on the nose wings.

The nostrils are also pulled backwards and look exposed. They are commonly referred to as minimalists.

This cadre of people rarely loves to possess property. It is very common to find them with a lot of cash, but the irony behind it is that it is so easy and explicit to find them owning little valuable possessions. They love having money in their pockets rather than investing in other assets. It is not only the physical assets they hardly invest in, but also the other investment securities.

They are believed to be footloose and fancy free. What this entails is a kind of detachment from any close relationship. They are the type of people who do not hesitate and are always on the move. They do not consider anything so material to the extent of deterring them from achieving their intended goals in life. They are very aggressive in looking for wealth and money in particular.

Exploration is one of their personalities. They love discovering new ideas and places and even making new friends. They easily get bored performing the same kind of chores each and every time. They can be the best achievers in any event if they are left with the freedom to do their jobs without intimidation and lots of pressure.

As much as they may be deemed to have no obsession to wealth, they have the motivation to have money for prestige and self-satisfaction.

They greatly value people who have experience in whatever field. This aspect makes them one of the most unique characters. They believe that a person is likely to be successful in life by having an experience in life. They greatly attach success to the proportionality of one’s experience with life.

However, at some point in life, they lose the passion of holding money and finally end up being poorer than expected. To them, life is not about what they have accumulated, but what they have achieved for the well-being of other people.

These people are believed to work best in places that provide them room for adventure and exploration. It is very clear that they love to discover new things. As a result, they cannot work in places where their freedom and extent of association is extremely curtailed. The best thing they can do in their places of work is make friends and spend most of their time with them.

It is common that they do not take love to have any meaning in their life, as long as they achieve their targets. They rarely get any emotional attachment to any particular individual and tend to put a lot of effort into loving themselves more than others.

By Florance Saul
Dec 21, 2012