The Rat Mouth

The Rat Mouth

The rat mouth is a thin, small, sharp mouth. When these people speak, they produce a soft sound.

If you ever watch the holders of such mouths you will see them eating by nibbling. In that manner, they eat small portions of food quickly. These people are pretty in appearance.

They are risk averse in nature. They sometimes waste their time and energy by concentrating on things that are not important. When given a chance, these people can easily exploit others for greedy reasons. They like benefiting from other people’s efforts. They use other people in order to get ahead in life. These people like a lot of gossiping and back-biting other people. You cannot expect to receive any appreciation from these people.


  • Likes gossip.
  • Does not like taking risks in life.
  • Likes benefiting from other peoples efforts.

By Florance Saul
Dec 21, 2012