Rainbow Eyebrows

Rainbow Eyebrows

Eyebrows are rainbow if their tail ends have very few long hair strands.

Note that the strands should be many and not just one; if it is just one, then it seen as inconsiderable, rather than that of a rainbow formation. These types of eyebrows appear neat and tidy to the extent they make one look handsome or beautiful; the hair that makes them up is also smooth and not coarse.

On the other hand, if the hair is coarse and untidy, then the subject’s life is full of obstructions.

The subjects are usually fortunate enough to be successful very early in life.

This simply means that they have happy families that are full of love and their finances are also good. They become highly prosperous and live long lives. This may also be the truth if they have short eyebrows in their early years, but when they reaching their 40s, the hair strands start lengthening.

The most important advice for the bearer of rainbow eyebrows is to make sure that they do something they love. The reason being is that if they do something that they enjoy they are much more likely to succeed at that. They have the capability to make their dreams and visions come true.

The bearer of rainbow eyebrows normally succeed in business. They are much better if they make sure that the business is focused on something creative. Many people disagree with the bearer of rainbow eyebrows. People find it difficult to understand their personality and characteristics. It is a problem? It can be. Then again, the bearer of rainbow eyebrows is normally correct. They enjoy listening to other people, watching movies, relaxing and generally enjoying the downtime of life.

They work hard in order to get good results. It is important for them to realize that they shouldn't put up with second best. They should always strive for more. They can easily bury themselves in their career, however they must be careful to not slip into any depressive state. Often the bearers of rainbow eyebrows will have an outstanding talent of some description. This could be music or drama, but often after performing or embarking on a creative activity they generally sink into depression.

By Florance Saul
Dec 21, 2012