Protruding Mouth

Unlock the hidden secrets of the face

Protruding Mouth

People who have this type of mouth are smart.

They are great when it comes to making plans. The lips slightly move outwards. These people make a great negotiator. If the lips are rather large this signals a good listener. They are rather unmerciful and questionable in character.


These people are not forthcoming when it comes to revealing their own characters. They actually never do it. Their feelings are regarded as private property.

They can never show you that they are morose or elated at all. Their feelings are stored in themselves.  

There are many people who have a protruding mouth  hat do pretty well career wise. If your lips are thick along with this type of mouth, then there is a tendency to worry. To have thin lips,  with this mouth structure, indicates that you enjoy having many relationships and life.  Medium-sized lips indicates will strive good health. There is a focus on materialistic advancements and  the need to increase security perspective.

Should your lips rise up slightly middle along the sides indicates that you have a tendency to investigate many things in life, such as conspiracy for answers questions there is also focus on selective career wise.

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The people close to them find it an uphill struggle to try and guess what they are thinking. These are great friends to have, especially during bad times. It is only unfortunate that you cannot keep them for life as they move onto other things and rarely keep in contact. If you start a business venture with these individuals, be aware that when things start working out, they will always demand a bigger share for themselves. 




  • Struggle to be happy.
  • Great friends.
  • Can be selfish.

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