Protruding Lips

Protruding Lips

When it comes to Chinese Face reading, there is little written on protruding lips.

Despite this, there is some information on recent studies that indicate that this person love’s freedom. These people can also speak with convincing power.  Usually they have many interests - they like to take the lead in life.

People born with protruding lips are sexually active but also extremely materialistic in nature. Their temper can at times be volatile. This makes them somewhat rash, gullible, and stubborn. At times, they find it difficult to pay attention to the finer details in life.

They often have a deep love of music and make great teachers, nurses, Councillors. Ultimately those professions that require helping people. On a negative note these people find it very hard to restrain from quarreling. They have a weak tongue that makes them frequently say what they think without considering the consequences. 

Even if they are great public speakers, they struggle with implementing their own ideas. In addition, these people will find it difficult to maintain a regular career, and would much rather take a job that will care for others – or have a deep meaning. They hate routine and will always be asking questions at work. Usually happy and content with being in a position of leadership.

In a partnerships they make decent lovers. They never back down when it comes to quarrelling in a relationship. They might end up fighting, rather than listening. Thus, this means they quickly draw conclusions without thinking about the available facts.

At times this person can be a little overbearing, normally leading by example -  rather than with words. If in a position of power they can make others feel intimidated. However, they will be warm and affectionate to the people they care for. In terms of their family, they will want to be a participant in their lives. There is a tendency to focus on the achievements of the family. As parents their curiosity makes them want to know what is going on with their children. Hard work and self-denial are traits of this person’s parenting skills.

If you need a shoulder to cry on then this person is a great friend. But you may find that they get caught up in everyone else’s problems in life. They at times find it hard to communicate with others, which leads to disappointment.

If both the lips are thin but protruding intelligent and logical but have stressed energy, if the lips are slightly apart and protruding means that they love to keep active and expand their horizons whenever the opportunities arise.

Summary of characteristics…

  • Would be happiest in a career in helping someone.
  • Never back down when it comes to quarreling.
  • Usually happy and content.
  • Enjoys a position of power – or leadership.
  • Struggle with implementation of their ideas.
  • Great parenting skills.

By Florance Saul
Dec 21, 2012