The Pout Mouth

Unlock the hidden secrets of the face

The Pout Mouth

This mouth resembles a pouch - the lips are large or flared.

 People with this mouth are unable to follow their own path in life.


They are focused on other people's orders or rules. Rather than take the lead they follow others. People with this mouth shape struggle with independence. They also struggle to become great leaders.

They faithfully follow what others tell them. They are loyal and suit careers in the military services. Pouch mouthed people have problems making money, this is because they are poor at saving money. They require a combination of savings and reinvestments, and to be strict with themselves to become wealthy.

People with this shaped mouth have the capacity to take on many different things at once and are considerably good at administration.

They tend to marry people who are independent and prefer to rely on themselves rather than ask for the help of others - especially when they need to get through difficult situations. This makes them more emotionally richer.

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Summary of characteristics…

  • Struggles to make wealth.
  • Relies on themselves.
  • Likes to guide others.
  • Likes working hard in life.


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