Pitiful Eyebrows

Pitiful Eyebrows

Eyebrows known as pitiful if they are slightly droopy, thick, small, and short.

This type of eyebrow also has a slope that is steeper and ends with a dispersing tail end. These eyebrows can make one’s face appear rather sad or sorrowful. Bearers of these eyebrows pretend they are okay, but truthfully, they need a friend in life.

If the eyebrows are uneven or perhaps off-center these people tend to be high-strung, hot-tempered, as well as opinionated. If the eyebrows are dark then these people normally get on well with others. They are rarely capable of engaging in debate.

They are encouraged to seek work in which they can be self-employed. There is a tendency for individuals in this category to utilize humor to communicate efficiently with other people.

Pitiful eyebrow holders are great in practical careers such as a public service, or a career which has a focus on nature. They are inclined to live in the past. Pitiful eyebrow bearers tend to always work well behind the scenes. They are quite analytical minded but also like to spend money. Having beautiful possessions around them is an important aspect of their life. Some would consider this to be quite sad however the eyebrow believes we are defined by our material possessions. Is there anything wrong with that? This is a question only the higher spirit can answer.

These people believe that we should be more forgiving. Because of the focus on material wealth the pitiful eyebrow holder thinks about how we develop ourselves away from material possessions and money. However, is there anything wrong with defining ourselves through our material possessions?

They do live up to their name and are rather pitiful about their life thinking they have a hard time!  Do they think they have had an easy life? The pitiful eyebrow bearer doesn't think so! Moving on they usually work best when they are inspired by somebody and they are capable of being a leader in a team. They enjoy art and creative environments. It is important to also note that they sometimes get nervous in the face of crowds. When they are ill this can potentially zap all their energy inside and they take a long time to recover. In a more universal outlook, the bearer of pitiful eyebrows believe in freedom however they are generally chained to a job due to the material constraints of life.

By Florance Saul
Dec 21, 2012