Piggy Mouth

Piggy Mouth

People with pig mouths have upper lips that are exceptionally longer, compared to the lower lips.

The corners of the lips point downwards. Their teeth are uneven and sharp. These people are guarded and extremely cautious. They behave that way because they are cunning and have a hidden agenda. They like manipulating other people.

When they start doing something in life, they do it halfway. They are not faithful when it comes to relationships. Therefore, they lead unstable family lives. They stop working on a project before it reaches its completion.

They have a habit of switching from one career to the next quite often. These people never interact well with others. This is because they are not trustworthy. When it comes to costs, they can never lower them. They do not know how to save money and like to spend.

They keep high operational costs. They find it impossible to be consistent with things that matter in life. Their characters are unrefined.

Piggy mouth is normally found in people that are magnetic and rather dramatic. You might think these traits are negative, but for this mouth bearer they are extremely positive. They have an interest in political reform and they normally engage in political affairs there are a valuable public service in any capacity. They have an interest in social and political causes.

They often benefit from giving themselves time to relax. Perhaps they might fall into something more creative such as acting. They cultivate the cheerfulness and optimism of others. If the bearer of the pig mouth is older they have trouble being cooperative in life. They are optimistic and have a great sense of humour


  • Problems communicating with others.
  • Likes to stop working on projects mid way.
  • Struggles to be trusted.


By Florance Saul
Dec 21, 2012