Pigeon Mouth

Pigeon Mouth

This is a small mouth with pointed edges and lips.

Small eyes that are round in shape accompany this mouth formation. These people always promote peace. They do not like conflicts even in situations where it is necessary. People with this mouth are extremely afraid of failing. They always see the dark side of life. In terms of risk taking, they are averse. They only take the safe alternatives in life. If it is venturing in business, they venture into a business where making a profit is definite.

When analyzing any situation, they start by focusing on the negatives before looking at anything else. That is why they always keep complaining about what they do not have in life.

They do not believe in other people. That explains why people with this mouth constantly fear betrayal by other's whom they work with. These people are poor in making and maintaining friends.

People with this Mouth are in a constant state of worry. These people are affected by a state of anxiety at all times. They do not like large events that are prone to plenty of risk. They like to be on the safer side of life.


  • Do not like failing in life.
  • Can worry too much.
  • Do not like large groups.

By Florance Saul
Dec 21, 2012