Perfect Eyebrow

Perfect Eyebrow

To have sleek, highly polished, and somehow luxuriant, neat and tidy eyebrows, then they are said to have the perfect eyebrow.

These people are fortunate and they are a sign of a a clear minded and a very healthy person. Such people normally have very strong and steady morals that never swerve no matter what; on the other hand, they have the benefit of living a highly cultivated and cultured lifestyle.

Most of the time, they are able to achieve a good reputation in life -  and this gives them a good reputation in society. They enjoy carrying out various intellectual activities which makes them excellent scholars. The subjects also have very clear reasoning and this gives them  peace.

They never resort to violence as a means of conflict resolution, which enables them to achieve most of their goals in an easy manner. These people have great health in life and they rarely get affected by illnesses.

If the eyebrows are slightly curved at the edges this indicate possible tendencies to nurture others. If the eyebrow is thin and long this to associated with good fortune.

An eyebrow that is slightly arched can indicate new possibilities in later life. The bearer of fuzzy eyebrows can sometimes offend people easily. They are commonly found on people who enjoy other people's company. A very social soul. The bearer of such eyebrows can normally progressed quite well in any profession.

They are likely to be educated and undertake qualifications in their career.

Perfect eyebrow holders are normally quite fun to be around. They enjoy being the leader and the hub when it comes to organising events. They are generally responsible for organising social activities. It is true to say that the bearer of perfect eyebrows normally finds it difficult when it comes to partnerships.

They have a hidden need to be wanted and liked, this can create insecurities going forward. The bearer of these eyebrows are normally focused on a number of activities at any one time. They like to multitask and have many things going on all at once.

This keeps them feeling young and full of vitality.

They find it extremely difficult to save money and also look at the future. The problem with the perfect eyebrow holder is that they are generally associated with negativity. How is this possible? They are normally associated with negativity because of their attitude towards life.


They can be quite negative when it comes to problems and situations. Finding it extremely difficult to rectify any problem or to find a solution! The best advice for the bearer of perfect eyebrows is to try and see things from a different person's perspective, this will aid them in helping resolve issues and conflicts.

By Florance Saul
Dec 21, 2012