Pearl in the Sea Mouth

Pearl in the Sea Mouth

A pearl in the sea mouth is one that has a small protuberance at the central part of the tips of the lips.

 In places such as the Mian Xiang, the pearl is known as the “Water Star.” This is the best type of mouth for a lawyer. The legal profession requires superior and a leader who is able to take on most tasks successfully.

This type of mouth has  has an incredible depth and foundation.  The premise is that those who are lucky to have this facial feature are born winners. In Chinese face reading history, the pearl mouth represents the ultimate goal in life. The way one communicates is associated with luck and happiness. Although unusual having such a mouth. It is considered lucky. Ancient history has stated those who have this mouth can make excellent debaters. They argue with convincing powers.Their desire is to win in arguments. That is why they present their case in a forceful, articulate, and persuasive manner. This is aimed at defeating their opponents with superiority. These people can win cases with ease.

Summary of characteristics...

  • Ability to debate.
  • Will argue until ones point is heard.
  • Lucky in love and life.
  • Generally found in law postings, or position is of trust.

By Florance Saul
Dec 21, 2012