Open Mouth

Open Mouth

This mouth is characterized by the fact it is unable to close properly.

It is common on many women that are considered beautiful. Quick, well-organised and well-defined minds hide behind this type of mouth, which usually forms a small space that exposes the teeth. Such people may find their thought processes are usually naturally accurate and precise and they often have good memories for facts and numbers.

If you know or meet people with this type of mouth, you may notice that they maintain their attention. Bearers of this mouth are normally highly successful.

These people are are normally easily influenced by other people in their place of work and in their social lives. They feel that other people’s ideas are as good as their own. This is due to them being naive and susceptible in nature. They jump into issues without making any proper preparations, and they get into trouble once they make their decisions.

They never prepare for a presentation or a speech, and since they usually end up delivering a great speech, other people normally point out their successes. Making mistakes something they rarely do . The act of repeating a mistakes is normally their problem. People with an open mouth do not take their time to solve their problems. These people prefer following other people’s trends. They are far from being independent thinkers.

It is easy to interact with these people - they hold great communication skills. This is because they are always easygoing in nature. If you look at them, you realize that the inside of their mouths is exposed, meaning that they are open and have a magnetic, accessible character.

By Florance Saul
Dec 21, 2012