Nose Piercing to Heaven

Nose Piercing to Heaven

This type of nose predicts traits that are so explicit and gives clear distinction of a personality from the other types of noses.

These noses are identified by a nose bridge that is high and exclusively grows all the way into one’s forehead. It can only be found on a few selected people.

It is believed that they hardly fail at anything that they may pursue during the course of their lives. High level achievements are met by such persons, and it is not easy for them to stumble in any of them. They are categorized with people who can achieve extraordinary success.

They make record all-time accomplishments, and most of the world’s best leaders have such a nose. For instance, many scientific innovators, philosophers, and writers fall into this category. They achieve what few people can. Even if they have few resources such as money and time, they work with what they have at hand to meet their set goals and targets with much ease and little hustle.

One of their unique traits is they never use a lot of resources to achieve their major goals. Quiet life is inseparable from any of their undertakings. They love to live a quiet life that is free of public limelight, and hardly do they participate in any activity that may end up exposing them to the public.

In most instances, they are a much respected lot that has a lot of respect from both the public and private sectors. Most of this respect is a result of their achievements that are appreciated and recognized simultaneously.

They have a strong will power and a self-confidence that keep their spirits and inspirations alive. However,  they may suffer from overconfidence because they tend to believe so much in themselves, more than anything or any other person.

They do not have a specific taste of the environment that best suits their purpose, but it is generally known that they do not and can never work in an environment that exposes them to the public eye so much. They love to do their tasks in isolated places that do not cause any bit of disturbance to them, be it physical, emotional, or even psychological.

It is believed that they are a darling to many people and naturally loved by everybody who knows them. They do not strive to keep relationships, but rather find their relationships, whether intimate or distant, doing well enough without any need to be highly involved. Though they may be egocentric to some extent, they always have an accommodating heart to love and accept love back.

By Florance Saul
Dec 21, 2012