Monk Eyebrows

Monk Eyebrows

Monk eyebrows are defined as thick and broad eyebrows that appear on a face with very little or extremely fine facial hair.

On the other hand, the hair on the person’s head is also very thin and fine. These eyebrows mean that the individual is luxuriant and likes nice things in life. The term originates from the monks who commonly have completely bald heads with no facial hair, except the hair in their eyebrows.

These eyebrows are common only among males, and they indicate that a person is very strict on commitments that they have. These people share various traits with the monks, such as their marital status, which most of the time, is single.

They may get close to marriage, but they normally are hindered by doubts on whether they selected the right partner.

The bearer of such eyebrows is successful in life by mentally concentrating on the goals required in order to be successful. While at the same time they usually distance themselves from any physical contact with others. Somewhat a loner.  This can prove difficult for other people to get close to them. If the eyebrows slope at the bottom then this indicates that they have psychic abilities. There is an emphasis on understanding the true faith of the person with monk eyebrows. They may have visions or dreams which may be difficult to understand.

In life if this eyebrow is seen on a woman indicates that there soon be noticing a strong, balanced, and positive energy in themselves when they reach middle age. It is important for the bearer of such eyebrows to maintain openness to these new ideas and possibilities in life. It is important that this person continues to be light-hearted but serious when it comes to business matters.

To have hair which meets in the middle suggests there may be some anxieties around money in life. Only calmness can help the situation. This person can maintain a relaxed vigilance, but this can be disrupted if other people get in their way.  

There is a tendency to have a focus on hearty food and drink. It is likely that the diet is not watched that well which leads to possible obesity.

By Florance Saul
Dec 21, 2012