Metal Face

metal face

Those with the the element of metal prominently represented in the face will have sharp, clipped and narrow features.

The nose is thin, the jaw angular and plump lips that often sit alongside a set of charming dimples. These people are often small but tough, filled with tenacity and bite. 

Metal faces are often petite, usually matching on top of an equally adorable thin yet curvy body. Women are known to have a wiggle, while men a swagger in their walk. These people have a lot of feels packed inside a small space and they can burst from the individual through a boisterous laugh one minute and then an icy, intense cold stare of annoyance at the turn of a dime.

This precise emotional control isn’t easily learned. Fortunately for metal people, they are often blessed with a strong head on their shoulders and filled to the brim with self control.

If You Have These Features, Chances Are That Your Element is METAL

  • Oval Face.
  • High eyebrows.
  • High cheekbones.
  • Narrow and long noses.
  • Plump lips.
  • Small smiles.
  • Often aggressive in nature.

People with these traits do quite well in the public eye. Famous metal celebrities include both Gwenyth Paltrow and Cheryl Cole. Like these ladies, metal face types tend to share a glamorous yet non-traditional kind of beauty. Their beauty is often matched with a wicked sense of humor that is usually kept under wraps until these individuals are comfortable in their surroundings.

At the same time, these are tough enough individuals to withstand external pressure. Always the boss, it can be difficult for some metal personalities to tone themselves down.

Those that desire to excel in their career, specifically through climbing the corporate ladder will find that they may need to tone down their features so that they can be more approachable. Their naturally high hairlines and long foreheads are ideal for side parts and swooping hair styles.

This kind of hair will help to bring the focus back to the eyes, subtle smile or pretty cheekbones.

Sometimes the determined features of the metal face are confused with arrogance. Men with metal traits are likely to be rewarded, as their determined focus is generally socially acceptable.

Women in even the most modern of cultures who are born with strong metal features can be seen as too domineering though, and these ladies either have to develop tough skin or else expect to face internal emotional scrutiny that could develop into deeper troubles including depression, anxiety or compulsiveness.

Traditionally, metal is characterized as impatient and active energy. In Chinese face readings, these traits will be presented with a focused gaze that says that they mean business.

When paired with the classic high eyebrows, high cheekbones and slender nose that are often associated with metal types of people, it can create a striking demeanor that demands results and attention from both genders that possess these qualities. These people are often leaders and innovators. Their features have been described as regal.

By Florance Saul
Feb 14, 2017