Meet in the Middle Eyebrows

Meet in the Middle Eyebrows

Meet in the middle eyebrows have hair that joins at the bridge of the nose - so the eyebrow looks like one.

The hair normally repeats all the way across the face, but it somewhat thinner in the middle, and when the hair is fair, you need to look carefully to ascertain if the eyebrows does in fact meet. Individuals who possess this eyebrow may fight to possess a palpable feeling of balance or stability in life.

They feel they have a duty to guide there spirit in the right direction through activity and relaxation. Because of this, they frequently lead very full, adventurous lives, doing things others would only imagine. In extraordinary instances, they may steer off balance and be too active or serene, forceful or calm, positive or frightened.

They are doers, instead of thinkers, offense instead of defense, the moment they've completed one challenge they throw themselves into the next one.

This type of person is just about ready for any challenge life can throw their way, since the excitement and uncertainty of taxing situations makes them want to do more in life.

When they try to satisfy their hunger for adventure and stimulation, their never-ending energy and vital spark provides them with the energy and potential to create unexpected things. If, however, they finish up in an atmosphere where they don't need to achieve this leads to depression.

They are usually honest and open people, prepared to offer their opinion on anything. Although their confidence is admirable, they might, for instance, take harmful risks or underestimate or misunderstand people and situations.

Many people with these eyebrows are exposed to the possibility of risky enterprise. If you hold more than two jobs, make a gamble regarding the business you are in. You are going to get good dividends. You will find the possibility of advancement in the areas of engineering.

There is a risk of feeling vulnerable, weak, and lethargic later in life - make sure you look after your health! 

By Florance Saul
Dec 20, 2012