Lower Mouth

Lower Mouth

People with a lower reserved mouth have good stamina.

They also have a strong sense of vitality. They speak with charisma, making them win influential positions in society. Despite the fact that they are helpful and sentimental, there is a clear lack of compassion in their relationships. Their definition of kindness is different that others.

At times, they believe that a person has to be cruel to be kind. These people see a very thin boundary between cruelty and kindness. They express the two with equal measure. When they show kindness, it creates an impact because it is not a common occurrence from this group of people.

Therefore, they generally believe that kindness originates from hard decisions. This makes them lack feelings for others. When these people grow old, they get fixated on particular ideals, as well as becoming stubborn. This happens due to their paradoxical perceptions in life.

Their temperamental nature leads them into great problems. People with a lower reserved mouth are good speakers, and as a result, they enjoy the kind of attention they receive in public life. These people are natural leaders with charisma and great energy.

By Florance Saul
Dec 21, 2012