Low Focused Eyes (1/3 White Eyes)

Low Focused Eyes

Low focused eyes are eyes that tend to look down with a combination of a raised eye lid where the white of the eye on the top of the eye can be seen.

This eye formation is highly rare and said to be good luck in some cultures. These people with this eye are said to be very in tune with the needs of others and have the happenstance of falling on fortunate times. This is a good thing for them because without luck they would indeed have a hard time!

Low focused eye people tend to look at the smaller picture and focus on situations rather than the end result. Because of this they tend to think in the moment and do not concern themselves with the consequences of their actions – whether it affects them or someone else. People will often consider low focused eyes to indicate that a person is shady or ruthless and this is not far from the truth. It is not that low focused eye people are mean or wanting negative things to happen for others but they are so used to getting their way – be it by luck or calculation (these people tend to be very intelligent and good with math or numbers) – and they know things will work out once they put their mind to it. Working out means that the low focused eye person comes out on top. They tend to be so focused on their own happiness that they will miss someone else being cheated or left out. If you are on the bad end with a low focused eye person then you need to speak up and let them know that you feel slighted, otherwise they may never notice.

People with low focused eyes have a propensity for being untrusting of others. Perhaps it is because they tend to focus on their own needs first that they expect others to be the same or it is because of a natural urge to be this way. It can make it very difficult for them to reach out and to allow others the time of day. They do not feel comfortable opening up to others and this creates a loner type of person. They do not concern themselves with what other people think about them as well which causes them to be callous or ruthless when it comes to business. Combine this with a quick mind for abstract thoughts and figures it can make the low focused eye person a penny pincher and stingy.

Being aware of finances is a natural trait because of their analytical mind. This makes them exceptional in business where they control schedules, money, or this sort of thing. They will want to avoid jobs with intense interactions with others as they can lose focus on their work and get irritable. They also have to have time on their own in other situations. Relationships can be easy for them but they need to find the right person. If you find yourself attracted to this kind of person you will want to be mindful of their nervousness and try not to rush things. In any dealing eighth a low focused eye person slow and steady wins the race!

By Florance Saul
Mar 28, 2013