Longevity Eyebrows

Longevity Eyebrows

These eyebrows are broad and long that also has an elegant curve, also known as rainbow eyebrows in Chinese face reading.

The hair that makes up their eyebrows is smooth and lavish and not coarse, while its color is deep the hair has a healthy sheen.

These eyebrows give one a vibrant and vigorous appearance. People with these eyebrows are normally wise and clever and have a deep interest in pursuing academics to the highest level. They also appreciate art and beauty with a finely honed sense of perception.

They are compassionate and gentle and have an amiable nature.

Kindness is something they value and they get on with many people that they meet; in addition to this, they also have a genuine peace of mind.

Because of this, they usually enjoy a long life that is highly favorable to them. Perhaps the best issue with them is that their life has very few disturbances, and if they occur, they have a very low magnitude.

The people with longevity eyebrows have great stamina. It is so strong that they often change careers at a whim.  If a longevity eyebrow is found on a female this means they are strongly aware of the world around them.

They offer a nurturing nature towards children and the older generation.  On a negative note, they shy away from the trait of self-knowledge. They’re reluctant to study towards anything and place greater emphasis on their social life and relationships with children and family. In ancient Chinese face reading books it signifies that the bearer of exercise find it hard to cope with responsibility. We often become lonely. Even though amongst all this they are self-confident.

This person can be conventional. They can also be risk averse. They want to always be seen to do the right thing in life. They generally have a great sense of humour, but they have a focus on a lack of self-confidence and an argumentative nature. Sometimes this lack of confidence can result in less successful working life. The negativity that is often felt. The longevity eyebrows makes them a difficult companion. Under such circumstances they need to have a strong partner will give them confidence that they need. One of the most wonderful characteristics of the person with longevity eyebrows is that they can be rather serious. They like a formal environment, they don’t like to have flexibility and enjoy a strong routine.

By Florance Saul
Dec 21, 2012