Long Thin Lips

Long Thin Lips

People with this mouth value sincerity.

This makes them win the hearts of many people. Those people who have this mouth perform good deeds. People easily follow their advice because of the trust they embark in others. They are not likely to be misguided.

They are wise in making judgments. They have many connections across the world with whom they consult for accurate information.

If you have ever come across women with ocean mouths, you will agree that they are irresistible. Some people will enjoy kissing them when they get a chance. Most people admire those with these lips. Women wish they had them, while men wish they had women who had them. That is, if they do not have these lips already.

Women who have this mouth have great sex appeal. They are also pouty and rich. An ocean mouth becomes more fashionable if it is very symmetrical. Any person with a well-balanced ocean mouth is very exceptional at all tasks in life.

People who have an ocean mouth are self-assured and have plenty of courage to match their nature. These people can easily relieve themselves from any difficult situation with a lot of ease. These people make good entertainers because they are full of fun and have a clear understanding on what it means to keep others entertained.

To maintain the irresistible nature of the ocean mouth, apply a moisturizer so that they stay in a good condition. The use of lip liners is also another possibility for the lips to remain in good shape. When you engage in the use of lipstick, use light shaded ones. Make sure that your lips are soft at all times. That way, your mouth will remain in a kissable condition. Every person you come across will long to kiss them.

Some people who have this mouth have very good career prospects. You can find people with this mouth in fields such as shipping, entertainment, and transportation. The kind of life they lead can be termed as satisfied, happy, and productive.

Summary of those with the long thin mouth...

  • Happy, content and easy going people.
  • Enjoy life.
  • Great career prospects.
  • Will be admired by others.

By Florance Saul
Dec 21, 2012