Long Nose

Long Nose

If a nose is long, then this person tends to experience many emotions throughout his or her life, like things that seem to result in a crisis.

A long nose can be described as being proportionately larger than other features on the face. A long nose can also be defined as a nose that is slightly protruding out, but does not appear to be too wide. The long nose is normally narrow in appearance.

As the front is quite long, this means that the bearer needs to be careful in their endeavors. It is generally believed that this person is not gullible. They are believed to be able to handle criticism, whether this is positive or negative.

Long-nosed people have a comprehensive character. When handling their activities, as well as negotiations and arbitrations, they portray a superior attitude. They easily adapt to dealing with matters that ultimately require them to make binding and final decisions.

The common presumption is that their conclusions are wisely made, and it is not uncommon for these people to seek a profession in the legal field. Long-nosed people may have an air of egocentricity; therefore, they have the tendency to love themselves more than they love other people. They usually make people love them; whereas, they do not love them in the same degree. They find it hard to reciprocate.

They are excellent people in business, always cautious when taking a risk. Success is likely in all their business undertakings. Since they possess great self-confidence and are cautious, they are believed to reach greater heights of success than others.

Their goal in life is to fulfill their dreams. They make the best of life. The ability to succeed is based on their strong faith. They never consider losing and only focus on winning, if the goal is within their means.

By Florance Saul
Dec 21, 2012