Lion Nose

Lion Nose

It is really broad, and at the same time, moderately high.

People with this nose are extremely wealthy and have a lot of power in leadership. They fall in the category of people that is always working hard to achieve their goals. According to them, power is acquired and they cannot easily do without it. They love being the ultimate cause of everything; sometimes they are the power brokers in leadership and find it pleasant demonstrating their great leadership skills.

They are highly respected by most of the people in the society. They are believed to have the nature of working hard around the clock. None of their objectives and goals in life can easily slip away, since they are always keen and keep track of everything that is part of their interests.

As much as they make a lot of wealth, they have the spirit of helping others in circumstances where their help may be needed. They demonstrate a great sense of strictness, and if there is anything that tries to deviate them or prevent them from exercising their duty, then they easily move with speed and most likely tackle those things head on.

Extreme courage is part of their strengths. Hardly will they show a sign of cowardice, no matter how tough the going may be. They have a daring personality that do not let things go until they shed their last jot of their blood. They can defend themselves and those that they hold dear in their heart at any cost.

This, to them, is a natural and common trait. They do not do this to gain anything, but this is their natural approach to things. That is why most people love them being in power; they are fully assured that their interests will always be safeguarded.

Lion-nosed individuals are believed to be very charismatic. In most cases, people with such a nose have a very unique way of presenting themselves before the masses. Whenever they talk, they easily move the crowds since they always capture them by the way they present ideas.

They are organized in their speeches, and in most cases, give very solid arguments and convictions that are highly logical and well-captivated in the ears of their listeners.

They cannot be easily pinned down because in most of their endeavors, they demonstrate great defensive tactics, which is a natural way of keeping their critics at bay.

They demonstrate a lot of leadership qualities that enables them get into power. They are the best managers of wealth and excellent leaders. They can easily be trusted by almost everybody, and as a result, they are believed to be perfect in any position of power.

In relationships, they are always liked by many, and this is the case with their close family members and spouses. They are respected and taken to be providers and stewards of both wealth and people around them. They are mostly referred to as the “men and women of the people”.

By Florance Saul
Dec 21, 2012