Lines on the Nose Bridge

Unlock the hidden secrets of the face

Lines on the Nose Bridge

Lines on the Nose Bridge

Face reading is an ancient wisdom which is similar to palmistry and I am here to help you understand what your lines mean. In the art of face reading, it is accepted that each element of our face provides Insight into a personality and also our personal Fortune, health, social status, and even our own life expectancy. 

I can assume that you are here on my website to understand what the lines mean on the nose. The first thing I will suggest is that face reading is a natural practice that we all like to understand. I noticed that a strange line appeared between my eyes the other day and at the end of the tip of my nose. I was surprised to read that if a line appears on the nose tip - this means that massive change is coming and indicates that you will undergo a transition in life.

The reason I like to understand what our own features mean is that by looking deeper into general face reading we can understand people better. A bit like psychology!  Face reading isn't necessarily science and furthermore it can also suggest that everyone’s personality is different. We all know that the more attractive a person's facial features the more positive people feel about that person.  Each of our face lines tells some sort of story of our lives. 

Horizontal line across nose

One of the most important marks on a face is the horizontal line across the nose bridge. This is found between each eye. This line in Chinese face reading, of females over the age of 40, means the traits are naturally self-nurturing. After the age of 40, our body naturally transfers which is known as Qi energy. e.g. what you put into the body you get out. Apparently the deeper the line between the nose the more the Jing has been over-used. Jing is a type of energy that indicates how well we treat ourselves. Jung is associated with vitality and our life span.

A light horizontal line on the nose bridge can indicate that personality is well balanced and people that have this hold down responsibility in life. People who do have any lines on the nose bridge indicates that they have much to learn. 

Lines started to appear on nose

What is important is that if you're finding the lines are suddenly appearing and you are over the age of 40 it can simply be due to your age if however you were born with these lines then we can review face reading and what this actually means to see other people with lines on the face such as work colleagues or even your partner it is very hard to determine their personality on this trait alone.

Wrinkles on nose spiritual meaning

Obviously wrinkles on the nose can be made less conspicuous through creams and even cosmetic surgery. People are limited in what they can change in their own bodies. It has been established that bearers of lines on the nose are (as I have said before) are is a great line to have.  You might find you have a curved line or even just a straight one. In Chinese face reading this is associated with wisdom, trust, and happiness.

What can we learn from face reading?

It is believed that people who bear two lines on the nose bridge is a positive omen. Each of our facial features tell some sort of story. Face reading is an ancient wisdom that is similar to palmistry. Within face reading, it is accepted that each element of our face provides insight into our personality and also our personal fortune, health, social status and even our own life expectancy. Interestingly a line on the nose will notably indicate that the individual has a tendency to be quite assertive. This is a positive trait, horizontal lines on the nose bridge can indicate that the person is well balanced and also have a strong sense of responsibility in life. 

People who have more than one line on the nose indicates positive vibes in Chinese face reading that they can accomplish many great things. Face reading is a natural practice that we all like to understand. By looking deeper into the face we can even place judgment on those people that we meet. Face read it face reading isn't necessarily a science and furthermore it can mean that our personalities are all different. We all know that the more attractive a person's facial features the more positive people feel about that person. 

Does lines on the face mean that we are healthy?

Yes, these lines give a highly consequential interpretation of what that means to women in childbirth and during pregnancy. It is believed that for women, to have a line on the nose-bridge in Russian folklore indicates that she may experience a complication during birth.

What is the personality of someone with lines on their nose?

It is common to find the bearer of such lines involved in activities that keep them reserved; they enjoy playing games such as cards, scrabble, or even poker. They are most suited to careers like accountancy, as well as hospitality. It is believed that they don't like leadership positions, and it is never one of their priorities since they are naturally non-aggressive. In love, they have a kind personality. It is known that the thread carefully, and much of their interest is based upon the principles of safeguarding themselves against the unseen and untold future.

Lines between nostrils

To see two lines between nostrils indicates a change is coming. It can mean that you will need to focus on yourself for a while. The “nose” in face reading is often connected to our own individual personality traits. The Chinese like to think that I know is it is illustrative of how we communicate with other people as we “generally smell out of our nose” it can often suggest - that our senses need to be enhanced especially if the bridge of the nose if dented in any way. 

Moles on the bridge of the nose

If you see moles on the bridge of the nose as well as lines this is a positive symbolism that indicates a positive change is happening if you see other people that hold the line between the eyes on the nose bridge this can suggest that you should not make decisions quickly and place judgments on people. 

Lines after the age of 50 on the nose

In Chinese face reading when we hit the age of 50 there is a massive change and the groove or philtrum between the nose and upper lip might occur. These horizontal lines across the philtrum can indicate the transition between one’s creative streak. When a line is present it can also mean that you can no longer have children according to Chinese face reading.


The lines on the face are also quite interesting because every single line will mean something to somebody – we all have different lives. Often lines on the face can occur as we age, this is a natural process. Many people often have beauty remedies such as Botox in order to remove the line from the nose. I honestly believe that lines on the nose positive traits that indicate not only happiness but also wisdom what is important is that you try to ascertain what part actually has the line. 

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