Lines On Lips

Lines On Lips

This mouth is characterized by small lines found on the lower lip, these lines are vertical.

The lips are generally thin and found on older women. They are believed to be hard working people – always striving  for better. They are excellent at teaching others, as there ingenious in jostling people’s mind. These people have high levels of endurance and never take it easy in life.

Despite the fact that they are often confident at times they have a tendency to show immaturity when it comes to self-expression. This means they lack the courage required to face life’s adversities, at times lacking the confidence to criticize others.

In essence they seek peace. These people prefer not to be in the limelight. Instead, they prefer a quiet, private life.  In cases where the lower lip is thicker than the upper lip, this signifies being self-conscious. Moreover, they are exclusively gifted with the power to be loved by everybody.

As a result, they become the favourite  in a group of people. Because of their effective social skills, it gives them the power to influence other people’s opinions or actions. Somewhat successful in manipulation they are often in positions of power or leadership.

This person, due to their reserved, quite nature will act slowly when trying to influence others, avoiding rushing into a decision. In general they are patient, practical and have a zest for life. As we learned earlier they prefer to stay in the background but, that said, they are strong willed and focused. 

This mouth marks a loyal, happy and affectionate partner, who is ready to assist anyone in need, they are, as a rule, probably more content in leadership positions. People who have this mouth formation can easily at times challenge life - asking the universe questions. They can take on anything that comes their way since the excitement and uncertainty of situations keep them alive.

They require the drama of life, this makes them feel alive. When they try to satisfy their hunger for adventure this normally leads to problems. In youth their never-ending energy and spark provides the potential to create the unexpected. If, however, they work or end up in an atmosphere where they have not got any excitement  they are prone to depression.
Summary of characteristics...
  • Enjoy's the drama of life.
  • Hunger for adventure.
  • Energy is high.
  • Likes to stay focused.
  • Peace is important and so is a private life.
  • Must have an exciting work environment.
  • Prone to depression.
  • Lacks the courage of direct conflict - rather slowly manipulate people.
  • Normally found in positions of power.

By Florance Saul
Dec 21, 2012