Leaf Mouth

Leaf Mouth

People with a leaf shaped mouth have lips that are shaped like leaves.

This mouth formation is spread out and bends downwards. The lips are sometimes dull-colored. These lips are generally thin in size. People with these lips make great critics and like making comments based on other people's lives.

They never fail to mention the weaknesses they see in family members, friends, and even colleagues at their work place. If they find you seated in a restaurant, and they know you, they cannot walk by you without commenting. When engaging in gossip, they do so with enthusiasm. On a negative note they feel like they have achieved a lot by pointing fingers at other people.

When working with people with this mouth, make sure you avoid making mistakes. If you do make mistakes, they will constantly remind you about these mistakes. This is because of their perfectionist nature. They struggle to be satisfied with work.

Many people find this behavior irritating. They have an insatiable appetite for a better life. They always feel that more can be done to make life better. Therefore, people with this mouth find it hard to live a settled life. Their life is full of stress at every turn.

Summary of characteristics…

  • Always knows best.
  • Annoys others.
  • Insatiable appetite for a better life.
  • Witty in nature.
  • Get's stressed.

By Florance Saul
Dec 21, 2012