Large Mouth

Large Mouth meaning

In the English dictionary, a big mouth means someone that gossips or tells people information that should have been kept a secret. But, what does a large mouth type mean in spiritual terms? What does Chinese face reading say about a large mouth type? Here I am going to investigate!

A large mouth is quite interesting when it comes to Chinese face reading and Physiognomy. In fact, there are reports that a larger mouth can reveal true personality traits. We all have many different mouth types and a bigger mouth types indicate in short: the sole and life of the party! The thickness of lips also indicates how kind people are - according to ancient belief. 

The bigger lips the more kind the person. If you have full lips (especially compared to your nose) then it means you are a super warm person! Also, the mouth features in science have been associated with people's personal characteristics. People with large mouth’s according to Chinese face reading lore are likely to not catch any illness or infection. To have a larger bottom lip can suggest a born business leader.   An asymmetrical square-shaped larger mouth shows that these people are emphatic towards others because of their strong sentiments. People with such a mouth has deep loyalty in what they believe in, such as charity causes, society, and any community endeavors. Performance in examinations or tests is normally positive. 

If the large lips are of a natural red color we can determine that this person is positive in personal matters and relationships, but they tend to be cynical and guarded about their true feelings.  People with this shape mouth are popular in society. They make sure that they are in the spotlight in whatever they do. There is a risk, that if they lose touch with their feelings that this can result in problems. 

How do you tell if you have a large mouth type?

A mouth in Chinese face reading normally shows how generous someone is. The larger, more full, wider the mouth indicates that these people have a hidden “earth” energy. So how do you determine a large mouth type?

It is simple a larger mouth type can normally be determined through a triangle from the eyes, down to the bottom of the mouth edge. The average mouth is normally the same size as the base of the triable. If the mouth goes “lower” then that mouth is considered a larger mouth in Chinese face reading. This is not a bad thing though and represents kindness and happiness in life. People who have very full top lip normally enjoy giving others gifts. 

Large Mouth Types In Physiognomy

Large mouthed individuals have a tendency to become dreamy in life. This is normal if the person has experienced a particularly chaotic time in life. There is much concern around material possessions. The large mouthed person benefits from relaxation and holidays. The emotional level of this individual is heightened in stressful situations. It is important that this individual ensures that the temper is controlled.

There are feelings of resentment at times, especially towards others who have more material possessions and than they do. They strive to keep up with the Joneses as some might say. This can herald a trying time.

As young as possible, they get involved in voluntary work, as well as other community-based projects. When it comes to voluntary activities, these are the people you find participating in charity walks to raise funds, as well as actively taking part in community events. People with a larger mouth are inclined to help others because of their good-natured spirit. Because of their good intentions, they enjoy plenty of success in many areas of their life. If you have this kind of mouth, you are likely to lead a life that is productive and filled with happiness. I hope this makes sense.

What is the biblical meaning of a large mouth?

Mouth types are represented in the Bible in many different verses and here I am going to try to understand what the larger mouth can mean. There is a constant phrase in the Bible known as “the mouth of God” this is connected to the revelations kind. 

We use our mouth to express her own thoughts and beliefs. Jesus indicates in the verse Matt 12:34  that the mouth teaches us abundance. In its literal sense we all know from Luke 1:70  that the mouth illustrates a figurative sense of speaking and declaration. 

Also, of importance when reviewing scripture about larger mouth types we need to think of the proverbs: 18:20 when it says “The fruit of the mouth.” Equally, most notably in psalms 35:21, Isaiah 57:4 it states the following really interesting phase  “To open the mouth wide against a person is to wildly and often wrongfully” (Psalms 35:21) and this phase: “to have an enlarged mouth” means you have great confidence and joy in speaking or accepting good things. So there you go. Having a large mouth type reveals that you will be blessed.

What is the spiritual physiognomy of a large mouth?

Full lips are often connected to being generous, as opposed to “smaller” lips. In the movies we often see the full lip character as being the “goodie” of course, in reality that is not always the way. Full lips are often considered lucky and indicates a passionate person. 

What does it mean if I have a large mouth?

This is an interesting question! Once someone said to me that I indeed have a large mouth. I did not take it so well to be honest. But after researching the meaning I am glad to have a larger mouth! 

If you have thick upper lips it can indicate that you are are kind, warm but also have the danger of being rather “over emotional.”

Chinese face reading and large mouth types

It is understood that in Chinese face reading charts the larger mouth types can often demonstrate being a nervous person. The soul or astro mouth types are often connected to the “sage” type of face. In spirituality, it is assumed that we have seven personality types. A sage person has a round shape and is often a very warm caring person. Larger lipped people fall into this category. I will write a little more on this topic in another article.

What does it mean if my boss has a large mouth?

It is thought that those people who have a boss with a large mouth indicates that they will have success at work. The boss in normally a gifted performer and the life of the party. They like to spend time in large groups of people and are super fun to be around. This is a great omen if your boss has a larger mouth.

What does it mean to have pucker lines above a large mouth?

To have a few pucker lines above the larger mouth indicates vitality and also being stable. It means there is a love of good humor and that you are hard working. Normally, people who are older have pucker lines around their mouth and from this the analysis means that you take pride in your general appearance.

Physiognomy and larger mouth types

In Victorian times there was a massive fascination with physiognomy. There was many books written about specifically the physiognomy of the mouth (in particular) if the larger mouth type had wrinkles this is connected to the complexity of feelings. This is a trait is manifested if the larger mouth has a curved line at the bottom. If the convexity of the larger mouth is turned up this can indicate development in later life. 

I hope you enjoyed the article about larger mouths. 

Summary Of Characteristics of Large Mouth Types

  • Abundance – as in Psalms 35:21
  • Enjoys charity events.
  • Helps others.
  • Usually rather happy.
  • Good natured spirit.
  • Happiness in life (in general)
  • The larger the mouth the better.
  • A boss or someone others look up to - the larger the mouth the better!
  • The mouth types should be considered when reading the face.


By Florance Saul
Dec 21, 2012