Large Mouth

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Large Mouth

Large Mouth meaning

An asymmetrical square-shaped mouth shows that these people are emphatic towards others because of their strong sentiments.

They have loyalty in what they believe in, such as charity causes, society, and any community endeavour. Their performance in examinations or tests is great. That is why they are inclined to work in a difficult profession.


If the lips are of a natural red color we can determine that this person is positive in personal matters and relationships, but they tend to be cynical and guarded about their true feelings.  People with this shape mouth are popular in society. They make sure that they are in the spotlight in whatever they do. There is a risk, that if they lose touch with their feelings that this can result in problems. 

Large mouthed  individuals have a tendency to become dreamy in life. This is normal if the person has experienced a particularly chaotic time in life.

There is much concern around material possessions. The large mouthed person benefits from relaxation and holidays. The emotional level of this individual is heightened  in stressful situations. It is important that this individual ensures that the temper is controlled.

There are feelings of resentment at times, especially towards others who have more material possessions and than they do. They strive to keep up with the Joneses as some might say. This can herald a trying time.

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As young as possible, they get involved in voluntary work, as well as other community-based projects. When it comes to voluntary activities, these are the people you find participating in charity walks to raise funds, as well as actively taking part in community events. People with a square mouth are inclined to help others because of their good-natured spirit. Because of their good intentions, they enjoy plenty of success in many areas of their life. If you have this kind of mouth, you are likely to lead a life that is productive and filled with happiness.


Summary of characteristics…


  • Enjoys charity events.
  • Helps others.
  • Usually rather happy.
  • Good natured spirit.

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