High Nose Bridge

High Nose Bridge

This type of nose has a very high profile from the side view, as well as the front view.

But the most prevalent point that gives a clear perspective and view is done from the side. They are believed to have a highly independent personality. People with this nose are believed to have the stance that makes them very much independent–minded, and at no given point can they seek or outsource any help which they can easily afford. They are not easily swayed by other people’s opinions or ideas.

They trust so much in their efforts, no matter how small they may look or seem to other people. They can not stand up to other people’s ideas and opinions because they tend to believe that their own ideas are paramount and never wrong.

They always take great responsibilities and challenges in all undertakings of their life. It is believed that this personality loves very involving tasks, which keeps them busy and offers them the opportunity of practicing and exercising every bit of their skills.

Facing challenges is one of their major hobbies. They are greatly talented and have a daring spirit that can face, handle, and even tackle some of the greatest challenges in their lives. They are very innovative and creative in trying to devise ways and means of handling and solving them. Moreover, they do not just accept challenges, but rather very big ones.

One of their strong attributes is that they are hardened, in the sense that they can successfully withstand the most challenging times and circumstances that may come their way. However, they hardly like being controlled or under the command of a given person. They love being leaders and having those around them their followers.

In the working environment, they are well-suited to undertake professional careers, as opposed to general activities and as an entrepreneurship. In matters of love, it is believed that most of their relationships are so stressful.

They have so many stringent behaviors that they cannot give room to their partners to participate in anything that can help them pursue part of their dreams. They are so difficult to deal with because they are very inflexible, and hardly do they find ideal partners in their lives.

By Florance Saul
Dec 21, 2012