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High Forehead

Unlock the hidden secrets of the face

High Forehead

This forehead is characterized by large space between the top of the head and the eyebrows.

This forehead is normally found on males, especially when their hair starts to receed. It is said that a high forehead is a sign of deep intelligence. These people have high hopes in life. In general, they are active in academics and professions which require using deep thought.

They are excellent at everything they do, due to their advanced level of intelligence. They are sometimes daydreamers and most of the time they will be having deep thoughts of how to improve their life. They have a reputation for being ambitious but can be mean tempered. They are often quite reserved and secretive in nature. They've devoted most of their mental power to forecast things – either taking a career in accountancy or strategic thinking.


In the event the lower part of their forehead is developed well then they will be astute in making practical applications. A high forehead can be found on yin personalities. This person is concerned about what others think and will be passive when it comes to relationships.

This disparity gives great brilliance in debate and negotiations. There is also a sharpness of the senses, they like hobbies that challenge them, such as golf or writing. Consequently, they are often sure of their own opinions and don't enjoy it when individuals contradict themselves.


They will keep working towards a goal until it is accomplished. Persistence isn't there only positive trait. They will not spend long hours laboriously going through details. They will think of the bigger picture. They are keen on talking (just about anything) and appear knowledgeable on a number of subjects. But they often have a short attention span. Even though they have enthusiasm for many subject’s in life. Most of their investments and business deals are lucrative.


They are believed to work with people who are less intelligent them them, gaining people’s trust and confidence, they are normally in leadership positions that require a good degree of excellence. 


Summary of characteristics...


  • Intelligent.
  • Great at business and investment making.
  • Normally found in leadership positions.
  • Male dominated facial feature.
  • Can be reserved at times.
  • Can be rather ambitious.