High Focused Eyes (Lower 1/3 White Eyes)

High Focused Eyes

People with high focused eyes are those that have the actual eyeball high in their socket where the lower lid does not cover all of the white.

This (and the opposite – those with upper 1/3 white eyes or Low Focused Eyes) trait is not a common one and when you see a person like this you will undoubtedly take a second look. People with high focused eyes tend to be used to looking down on others and because of this get the description of being snooty or snobbish. That isn’t very far from the mark! These people are used to looking down their noses at others in reality as well!

The high focused eye person is going to have a knack for being on the top of their game as they have high expectations for themselves and for the company that they keep. They feel innately that they have a responsibility socially and they expect others to be serious minded and socially oriented. While they can be one who is greedy, this is not as common unless they happened to be born with money as well from the get go. Most of the time, when these people have average upbringings, they will understand and respect the hard work that is required to make money and to attain esteem from others and they will value this dedication and hard work in others.

High focused eye people expect others to act a certain way and very much believe in treating others how they wish to be treated. It just so happens that they are gracious and civil and think others should be too! This trait would be perfectly fine in the 1800’s but in society today they may find that people simply do not have what it takes to be upstanding and respectable in their opinion. That being said, if a person acts beneath them then they will writ these people off, talk down to them, or simply dismiss them. They are not biased or bigoted. They are judgmental but they consider people’s actions before they judge… if that makes it any better.

High focused eye people try to attain high level positions because of their sense of entitlement once they put in effort. These are not people that are going to be satisfied with working labor jobs or in the mail room. They strive to work hard and expect that their efforts will be rewarded. Overall, they are hard workers and dedicated with little patience for lazy or slobbish workers. This can create a bit of an ego and struggling with balancing out their own ego can be a lifelong issue.

Hard work is not just something they do only in relation to their job. Relationships are taken very seriously and they are not apt to simply fall in love and ride into the sunset with someone who sweeps them off of their feet. High focused eye people are looking for long term relationship that merits a balance of equating emotions, finances, and societal importance. They are aware of their emotions but they also realize that things take more than simply love or liking someone. Relationships can be difficult unless they find someone of like mind that can adopt the understanding of a mutually beneficial pairing for multiple reasons other than just an emotional or sexual chemistry. Stimulating conversation, similar ideals such as cultural or social intelligence (ie. An appreciation of the arts or culture), seeking social advancement and even appearance will be considered equally important to simply feeling attracted to someone. They are looking for the whole package and desire a long time pairing. Once they find the right person they will tend to be very loyal and a trusting partner in love.

By Florance Saul
Mar 28, 2013