Gray Eyes

In humans, eyes have several different colors.

The colors vary from the most commonly found (brown) to the rarest (green). Eye color basically depends upon our genes, and it is also said to be hereditary.

It has been scientifically proven that almost 16 types of different genes are responsible for the color of our eyes.

Gray is basically a soft hue of blue; therefore, to a large extent, the characteristics of blue eyes also apply to gray eyes. As gray is a color linked with age, it is said that a person with gray eyes has a gentle and wise character.

They are also the people with lowest aggression - sorting out problems in gentle and harmonious ways.


These people are also individuals with good inner strengths. They have a flexible attitude and are adapt to changes more easily than others. They have a sensitive character and are well aware of the emotions of others. They have strong analytical skills and are able to clearly anticipate the future.

These people are never in a dilemma and are clear in their intentions. They are born leaders and like to lead from the front. Their imaginative and have creative tendencies.

In love, they take romance seriously and are faithful partners.


Other characteristics include...


  • A graceful and charming personality.
  • Hardworking, dedicated, and methodical in whatever they do.
  • Methodical planners and deep thinkers.
  • Smart, yet have very good humor.
  • Quick-witted and smart.
  • Altruist and normally are not closely associated with worldly pressures.
  • Trustworthy and always available to help friends in need.
  • They love the company of others and like to spend time maintaining and nurturing friendships.
  • They normally have outer as well as inner beauty. The beautiful gray eyes normally give them a magical character and personality.
  • They are good at heart and have a loving and caring nature.
  • They are one of the best people to be friends with and are always available in need.
  • They are very thoughtful in showing emotions, and it is very difficult to judge what is going on deep inside them.
  • They are filled with life, and they love to enjoy life to its fullest.


Some famous people with grey eyes are: Abraham Lincoln, Aron Stanford, Adriana Lima, Angelina Jolie, Aishwarya Rai, Rachel McAdams, Jim Morrison, Nikki Sixx, Lorena Herrera, Joaquin Phoenix, and Candice Accola.

By Florance Saul
Mar 4, 2013