Garlic Nose

Garlic Nose

The mountain root is small and the nose bridge is flat.

The nose wings, when viewed from the top, looks like a bulb or rather garlic. In a character assessment and analysis, they are said to have a large and compassionate heart. It is not possible to find these people keeping their hands away from helping those that need any of their help.

More often than not, they live by other people’s heart and always feel for them. Self-interest is not part of them. Their happiness is ensuring that other people around or near them do not suffer when they have more than they need.

Success is hardly achieved by them at a young age. They always succeed, but it is true that they only achieve their goals at their middle ages. They have the spirit of perseverance and hard work. They have an internal locus of control, and this is what enables them to keep their spirits alive and very prospective, even when things seem to be at their downfall.

They usually have either back or spinal problems at some point in their life. They may not have signs during their early stages of growth, but it is believed that they occur due to natural reasons which cannot be attached to any cause. Moreover, they are very focused when it is about money matters.

They are believed to create a lot of wealth at times, especially during their middle age, but a greater percentage of this wealth does not benefit any of those that may expect it, such as family members. They are also socialists by nature, and for anything they undertake, they always do it to please others and not themselves.

Any environment is ideal for them and they hardly discriminate against any job. An environment that does not have the capacity to accommodate their grievances and desires does not auger well with them. They love order, right planning, and a purposeful approach with a little bit of descent supervision.

They do not love being taken advantage of because they have a heart that easily gives up. As a result, they can work best with people who are tolerant and accommodating.

They actually do not enjoy even a bit of good relations with their siblings. It is believed to be because of their tendency to love more and support those that are close to them. They rarely lend a helping hand no matter what. However, they have the most reputable names, especially among those that are not related to them by blood. At no point in their lifetime can they lack warmth and cherished relationships from their cronies.

By Florance Saul
Dec 21, 2012